Who Are We?

Who are we?

1000 Words is the only peer-to-peer Art Network which is truly passionate about delivering art, and with it community, to the world in its purest form. Our platform seeks to enable both Artists and art lovers to connect to celebrate their shared passion. Van Gogh to Monet, Ai Wei Wei to Banksy, Basquiat to Emin, we want to get the Art community talking, and everyone in it should have a voice. In doing so, we aim to facilitate transactions, and information sharing between artists and their appreciators, collector to collector, and even originators with fellow old hands.

How do we accomplish this?

1000 Words is initially launching as a mobile and tablet focused community. Our application accordingly centres around 3 of the key institutions of Artistry throughout human history (which inevitably overlap):

Appreciation – Artists and art lovers alike are able to list for sale, or to purchase, the artwork listed with us at 1000 Words. When we see something we love, we want to be able to look at it, both often or at least as we please. Whether that’s every day on our lounge wall, or tucked away in the knowledge it is precious to us, that beauty is ours.

Dialogue – Fluidity of communication has been central to putting together the network. Follow your favourite artists, your knowledgeable friends or influential collectors as you begin to build an online eco-system of all your chosen artistry. Message those who care for the same things to enquire where they came across their beloved sculpture or cartoon flipbook. Contact an artist to find out more about what inspired their amazing piece and truly share in the creative process. Art is nothing if not attempt to communicate with the rest of civilisation.

Inspiration – Share easily and freely what gets you excited every day. Is it something you saw on a wall in graffiti? Some Photography casually hung on the wall at the office? Your very own oil canvas which sits pride and place in your bedroom. In line with the above, want people to express themselves accordingly – everyone has a burning creative ingredient inside them!

How do we get there?

Its important for all those passionate about seeing this happen to do simply one thing – shoot us an email at 1000wordart@gmail.com – this is a project by people passionate about art, but it is still very much in its infancy, so feedback about what people will want to see is critical. We hope to send our first prototype of what we are really aiming for live in the coming 8 weeks but in the meantime, if you want to hear more, have questions or think this is something you might want to be involved in, please do reach out.

PS – Thank you for reading this. And never forget what a picture paints….

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